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There are few advantages of installing IP network cameras that give them an extra edge over CCTV or other security devices.
First, IP network cameras have high resolution of minimum 640×480. They provide image of HDTV image quality and can capture up to 30 frames every second.
Second, an IP network camera gives you flexibility. You can move the IP security cameras anywhere. It can work as long as it is on IP network.
Third, IP network camera lets you communicate with the video because it is enabled with a two-way audio system through one network cable. One common example of such communication can be seen at the gas stations where a clerk can assist a customer from a remote location.
Forth, IP network cameras can work with a wireless network. For the configuration at the initial stage a router is required. After you install the camera you can use it with wireless technology. Wireless surveillance camera can work well with defense forces that mobile surveillance is required.
What’s more, IP network cameras can be handled easily and can cover your house and office completely.

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